All PDFs and BRDs free

We have now removed the offers required to download PDF’s and BRD’s. Every BRD and PDF can be downloaded free!

No strings attached.

If you have a PDF+BRD for an Apple board we do not, please contact us if you want to share. 🙂

42 thoughts on “All PDFs and BRDs free”

    1. please I need board view or schematics for A1398 (820-00426-A) would really appreciate it.

      thank you so much in advance

      1. Please i need board view for A1398 retina 15” I will forever appreciate if you are able to help me with this.. Thanks in advance.

  1. Hey I’ve got the .brd and .pdf for the 820-2850 A1286. Please let me know how I can send it to you to post for everyone. Thank you for having all of these files available for free!

  2. Fantastic. Thanks!

    I was just about to pay one of those rip-off sites $10+ to download a schematic and boardview, before I found this site. You’re a star!

    I’ll definitely be back to share, if I find any more. Knowledge should be free!

    1. Never mind it was an issue with googles pdf reader. Acrobat fixed everything! Thanks for the docs!

  3. What are you lot using [OSX or Linux] to open the BRD files?

    I’ve tried Eagle but it complains that there is “no opening tag” in line 1 of the file. I suspect this is because the files are in binary format, whereas Eagle uses an XML based format.

    I believe Eagle used to use a binary file format. But the only converter I could find which supposedly converts old-style Eagle binary .brds to new style XML .brds was a prehistoric DOS programme which must pre-date the majority of these .brd files.

    So, if they’re not Eagle files, what are they?

      1. Nope. I never found a way to view the .brd files on OSX or Linux and never got any replies to my question.

        So, yeah, nice gesture to provide this resource for free. But not much use if the .brd files are in some undefined format and no-one will tell you what it is


  4. Hi there, I have quite a few brd and pdfs that you guys are lacking. I have been trying to fill out some missing spaces (which your site is really helpful with), with the ultimate goal of simply making a torrent so this shit is available to everyone.

    anyhow, send me an email and I’ll send you a bunch that you are missing

  5. I have schematic and boardview for A1466 (802 00165). Perhaps you could make a submission page where brd and PDF files, or zipped versions could be uploaded?

  6. is there a free site like yours for window based laptop boardview i can’t seem to find one,please post site link,thanks.

  7. just realised that i needed schematics and board view for my work. all dis time i have been guess working. GOD BLESS YOU.

  8. What a great repo !! thank you all for making these resources availabe to worldwide 🙂
    I cannot open the BRD files. What software should I use ? Allegro Cadence doesn’t seem to recognize the format

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